HR News Roundup – 25 Aug 2019

Demand for tech jobs in Singapore grew 20% over last year: Report Median earners set to benefit most from CPF changes: Expert Singaporeans can weather world uncertainties by training and upgrading of skills: Lee Hsien Loong Commentary: Watch for casual ageism and other signs of caustic attitudes about older workers Commentary: Seniors do well at […]

HR News Roundup – 19 Aug 2019

National Day Rally 2019: Retirement age to go up to 65, older workers’ CPF rates to be raised NDR 2019: Labour movement MPs, NMPs give their views on higher CPF contribution rates for older workers SBF calls on firms to support new retirement, re-employment ages and CPF contributions Fintech firms in Singapore expected to increase […]

HR News Roundup – 9 Aug 2019

SMRT workers to be trained in digital skills Singapore’s new move to tackle talent crunch technology Fuji Xerox: Enabling and empowering people Commentary: Sometimes, a promotion isn’t all that great News sources: The Straits Times, HRM Asia, Channel NewsAsia Photo by Dhruv Deshmukh on Unsplash

HR News Roundup – 2 Aug 2019

Bakers get support for equipment, skills training 2,600 firms adopt good employment standards in workplace Workplace fatalities fall to lowest since 2006 Commentary: The hidden hell of hot-desking is much worse than you think Commentary: The generalist-specialist job distinction is holding many back News sources: The Straits Times, Channel NewsAsia Photo by Lucas Law on Unsplash

HR News Roundup – 25 July 2019

Year-long assistance programme launched to help companies keep workers safe and healthy New career pathway being established to help aspiring engineers About 60,000 job vacancies waiting to be filled, with about half for PMETs: Josephine Teo New reskilling initiatives to help PMETs in air transport sector What Singapore’s slowing GDP growth means for the jobs […]

HR News Roundup – 17 July 2019

Social sector adopts technology to cushion manpower woes Culture shift, more flexible work policies for fathers needed: Halimah MOM and MOE combined, with new Ministry of Ageing, can help tackle future challenges: Report FastJobs fair pre-schedules interviews, boosting F&B and retail employment Commentary: Deutsche Bank job cuts are just tip of iceberg for finance industry […]

HR News Roundup – 5 July 2019

Pay rise, bonus for cleaners and landscape workers Unions to keep up the pace of efforts to help workers: Ng Chee Meng Singapore opts out of voting for UN agency pact on workplace harassment, as scope very broad: MOM Raise CPF contribution rates for older workers to be on a par with younger workers: Study […]

HR News Roundup – 28 June 2019

Bulk of retrenched residents in Q1 are PMETs Tapping VR to train construction workers on safety Retrenchments rise, vacancies fall as job market turns soft Commentary: Suspensions and lapses in SkillsFuture courses – let market forces regulate training programmes News sources: The Straits Times, Channel NewsAsia Photo by Dhruv Deshmukh on Unsplash

HR News Roundup – 14 June 2019

Foreign workers generally satisfied with working conditions in Singapore: MOM survey Singapore 2018 healthcare cost inflation hits 10%, 10 times the economic inflation rate: Mercer report Q3 hiring prospects in Singapore to remain stable: Survey Singapore ratifies international convention on workplace safety and health Older workers also seek work-life balance in employment: Survey Construction safety […]

HR News Roundup – 7 June 2019

Employers should offer structured training, firms with productivity gains urged to give one-off bonus: National Wages Council Businesses must invest in innovation, workers and community to move forward: DPM Heng Technology can help to upskill workers, not render them obsolete: NTUC Relationships with coworkers matter most for well-being at work Organisations in Asia-Pacific need to […]