HR News Roundup – 3 Apr 2020

COVID-19: Law firms see rise in queries on employee rights, employer obligations as economy slows COVID-19: 129 stop-work orders issued to workplaces that did not follow safe distancing measures, says MOM Covid-19: Fine, jail for employers who don’t make telecommuting arrangements where possible, staff who go to work while sick Pop-Up Care Centre for Drivers: […]

HR News Roundup – 7 June 2019

Employers should offer structured training, firms with productivity gains urged to give one-off bonus: National Wages Council Businesses must invest in innovation, workers and community to move forward: DPM Heng Technology can help to upskill workers, not render them obsolete: NTUC Relationships with coworkers matter most for well-being at work Organisations in Asia-Pacific need to […]