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Does your pool of talents possess the skills they need to perform at their best?

In today’s global environment, sustainability & competitive advantage of companies depend mostly on their capability of adapting to business changed requirements. The Industrial 4.0 revolution, driving new digital technologies, and automation in business processes make it necessary for new sets of skill requirements for all workforce in different industries.

Preparing current and future workforce requires good understanding of skills needed in each individual based on company business strategies.

EMPLX Talent Management is a cloud-based assessment tool that consist of:

  • Skill Inventory
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Learning and Development
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Skill Inventory

Skill Inventory is one of the modules that allows employer to capture competency profiles of all employees in an organisation. The tool helps an organisation to have an overview of skill sets & their levels in their talent pool. This helps the company to build on the strengths of their employees and develop the skills that are required, thus preparing their workforce for current and future business needs.

The expected outcome in having a talent management assessment tool in place is that the organisation will be able to:

  1. Create a competency-based talent development program
  2. Build talent pipelines for the company that are in line with the business strategy
Overview of EMPLX Talent Management:
Overview of Emplx

To have a complete picture of a talent’s skill, behavior and day-to-day deliverables, all information about the talent, including day-to-day HR matters of the workforce are also needed to perform the required analysis.

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal tools in EMPLX provide a platform that gives employers the flexibility in designing their assessment form, assessment rating, ranking system and work flow. By converting appraisal process from manual to system, the assessment data of all employees, including the criteria used and assessment results will now be centralised in one single source (database) without HR having to enter data one-by-one.

Assessment criteria for different jobs and expectation can now be pre-built into the system as a library, for future use and references.

Learning and Development

Learning and development is another tool in EMPLX that creates an interactive work flow, that allows employees and supervisor to request for training based on their needs.

HR will continue to put in suggested training and the training information after training needs analysis exercise. At the same time, the library of training information will also capture requests from employee/supervisor based on their job requirements & business needs.

Besides training records, it also captures training calendar & schedules, employee attendance & training attended, certificate uploads and tracking of its validity before prompting for re-certification.

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