HR News Roundup – 18 Jan 2019

30,000 got new jobs in 2018 through Adapt and Grow More workers can opt for flexible work arrangements: MOM report ESM Goh suggests tax incentives for employers who hire those with disabilities The Big Read in short: Tech disruption in Singapore’s legal sector Singapore companies not investing enough in employee training: SBF survey Commentary: New […]

HR News Roundup – 14 Dec 2018

More workers in distress helped by Migrant Workers’ Centre this year Labour market improved in Q3 but hiring may slow: MOM Jobs among Singaporeans’ main concerns, says Indranee Commentary: Why do employers still insist on an MC for staff who call in sick? Commentary: Confidence to face an AI-dominated future requires preparing Singaporeans for jobs […]

HR News Roundup – 18 Oct 2018

NTU launches mobile app offering courses to working professionals Tharman says Industry 4.0 must create quality jobs as key initiatives are launched at inaugural trade show A jobless future is coming and we must prepare now Commentary: Here’s what Singapore’s human capital index in a world of disruption should look like Commentary: Superstar companies can […]

HR News Roundup – 20 Sep 2018

Taskforce helps 70% of retrenched workers find new jobs within 6 months  More Singaporeans find jobs, but long-term unemployment rate rises: MOM People in many countries fear big job losses from automation: Survey Commentary: Unfortunately, artificial intelligence can do that job better Commentary: Executive coaches are driving anxiety in many professionals Commentary: Workers everywhere face […]

HR News Roundup – 13 Sep 2018

‘Hundreds of jobs’ available at Facebook’s S$1.4 billion facility in Singapore slated to open in 2022 Scheme to spur healthier office lifestyles SIT fresh graduates most employable among local universities, longer internships pay off S’pore youth most pessimistic in the region about tech’s impact on jobs, incomes Commentary: Tricky human resource questions best dealt with […]