Performance Management

Help your employees to realise their full potential

For organisations without clear goals, work expectations often end up with employees who are unclear of what is needed and the impact of their jobs on the overall organisation’s goals. This misalignment leads to an ineffective and inefficient organisation which can hamper its overall ability to grow sustainably.

How can your organisation benefit from having a well-designed performance management system?

Performance Management, if done well, can be a powerful resource in the manager’s toolkit for driving efforts towards the department and organisation’s goals and strategies. A well-implemented performance management system will help your organisation achieve the following:

  • Establish a strong linkage between an employee’s performance and organisation goals and objectives
  • Develop a performance-based culture with linkage to the rewards through an objective measurement of employee’s performance and achievements
  • Identify developmental needs and career aspirations which will help build a learning culture and an engaged and motivated workforce.
How can EON help you achieve the results?

EON focuses on the following main aspects to help you develop a Performance Management system that is relevant to your business context and culture:

  • Aligning the performance management strategy with organisational goals, operating model and workforce strategies
  • Designing the performance management process and tools that facilitates objectivity and implementation
  • Defining the performance criteria – individual and team goals and competencies that drive growth for the organisation
  • Integrating the new processes into other key HR processes such as compensation and benefits, learning and development
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