Career Management

Getting employees to where they want or need to be

Career management is simply about getting people to where they want to be as well as where the organisation needs them to be. One of the important factors affecting job satisfaction is the availability of career development opportunities. In organisations where the structure is flat or where employees choose to stay with the organisation over an extended period of time, their career trajectories may stagnate over time.

How can your organisation benefit from having a Career Management process in place?

Employers who proactively look into career management can expect to reap the following positive outcomes:

  • Improved retention – Employees are likely to stay, engaged with their work and driven to perform if the organisation actively offers progression and development opportunities
  • Capable to meet future demands through aligning the aspirations of employees with the organisation’s current and future business needs
  • Right person for the right job – Effective resourcing and deployment of employees into roles where their skills are most suited and their aspirations are met
How can EON help you achieve the results?

Our approach is to customise a practical solution that is suited to your organisation. The process for designing your career management system will include:

  • Identifying and mapping out career pathways – both lateral and upward progression as well as the competencies required. Career development opportunities could also involve project assignments and responsibilities that hone specific knowledge and skills
  • Designing the process and tools that support the supervisors in their career discussions and identifying of career development opportunities for their employees
  • Structure relevant interventions such as mentoring programs, to support and prepare employees as they work towards their career goals
  • Integrating the new processes into other key HR processes such as performance management, learning and development, succession planning
  • Supporting the communication and implementation efforts to ensure its successful implementation
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