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Maximise the potential of your organisation through a carefully mapped out and comprehensive framework.

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Build a foundation for a stable and performing workforce to support your overseas expansion plans.

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Ensure that your talent pool stays up to date with required skill sets that will help them to progress and close possible performance gaps.


HR E-solutions (Info-Tech)

Keep track of the areas that matter to you and your employees during the course of their professional journey with you.

Consulting Projects for Establishing Human Capital Capability in Your Organisation

Over the next few years, enterprises in Singapore will be facing even greater manpower challenges due to the lean and aging workforce. No matter how automated and technology-savvy the operations are, talented and competent employees remain an important building block for business success and sustainability.

From attracting talented and capable employees, to the time they exit the organisation, there are milestone mechanisms that bridge each employee from one stage to another in the employee lifecycle so that they are engaged, competent and stay longer with the organisation.

Would you want your organisation to be able to:

  • attract potential candidates?
  • let your new hire learn skills and be able to perform faster?
  • manage salary and benefits prudently and effectively to attract and retain employees?
  • create a continuous learning and performance improvement DNA in the work environment?
  • retain high performers for important roles?
  • develop leaders at every level to create strong supervisory and management teams?
  • have a stable and engaged workforce that can help sustain business competitiveness?

In short, you will be able to attract better and faster; the employees will be more engaged and perform better; and the organisation will have a more stable and capable workforce.

Some of the examples on how companies build human capital capability include the following:

  • Adopting Skills Framework in the HR System to establish skills standards
  • Enhancing the job descriptions and specifications that reflect expectations
  • Sharpening the recruitment and selection process
  • Establishing a Skills Onboarding Programme to equip efficiently and effectively
  • Implementing a performance management and appraisal process that is credible
  • Updating compensation and benefits to be prudent yet competitive
  • Aligning learning and development activities so that it is truly an investment in capabilities
  • Developing a supervisory and management development framework
  • Building career pathways so that employees can see that they can grow professionally without looking elsewhere
  • Conducting employee engagement surveys to focus improvement actions on impacted areas

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A project of one area typically takes 3 to 6 months to complete, depending on the size of the company and the number of jobs to work on.

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