Talent Management

Retain the keys to preserving your core capability

The growth and sustainability of a business to a large extent hinges on first and foremost, the capacity and capability of its leadership team, and secondly, the availability of proficient and skilled employees to helm key job positions which are mission-critical.   

The business risks stagnation and losing its market share to its competitors in a long run, if it does not have an ever-growing pool of

  • Ready and competent potential leaders to oversee and drive new areas of development, as well as to motivate their team towards achievement of organisational goals, and
  • Experienced professionals with deep skills and expertise in the key operational areas to bring about productivity and innovation on a continuous basis.
How can your organisation benefit from having an effective talent management system?

Your organisation will be able to:

  • Cultivate a strong core team that brings stability to your operations and business
  • Retain competent and capable employees which preserves your core capability to stay relevant in the industry
  • Develop a pipeline of employees who are ready to take on greater roles and responsibilities when required
  • Seize business opportunities as soon as these are available
  • Cultivate a progressive learning and improvement culture
  • Establish a strong branding as a progressive employer and market leader
How can EON help you achieve the results?

We will walk you through on how to identify leadership and job roles that are vital for the competitiveness and sustainability of the organisation.  We will also establish a management development competency framework in order to identify skills and competencies required at various employee levels for effective functioning, whether as an individual contributor, a team supervisor or a department manager, etc. 

To ensure that all relevant stakeholders involved in talent management will be able to assess, identify, develop and manage potential leaders and key talents, tool-kits will be provided to guide in these activities.

The process of developing an effective talent management system may include the following:

  • Audit current talent management process
  • Review and enhance job descriptions of key leadership roles and mission-critical job roles with key competencies identified
  • Adopt Skills Framework in the development of relevant skills standards
  • Establish management development competency framework
  • Develop learning roadmaps for key leadership roles and mission-critical job roles
  • Introduce workplace learning concept for developing talents
  • Develop talent development guide

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