Recruitment and Selection

The importance of getting the right people in

In a tight labour market with businesses engaging in a constant war for talent, it is essential for all organisations to deploy the best strategy in recruiting the right people for the right roles at the right time.

Effective recruitment goes beyond merely filling up vacant positions. It takes into account the assessment of candidates’ competency fit with the job, as well as their cultural fit with the organisation. Hasty recruitments may lead to a misfit where new hires do not possess the skill sets the organisation was initially looking for. New hires may not be able to adapt to the organisational culture as well if there is a divergence in values. This may lead to unnecessary turnover.

Moreover, recruitment that does not follow a proper procedure may have inconsistencies in hiring objectives and selection criteria. Recruiters may not know exactly what to assess a candidate for. On the other hand, candidates may also feel a sense of unfairness and biasness in the hiring process.

How can your organisation benefit from having an effective recruitment & selection system?

To overcome these potential barriers, your organisation will need to develop a systematic Recruitment & Selection framework that can help to:

  • sharpen the recruitment & selection process
  • attract the right candidates for the right roles at the right time
  • introduce interview guidelines with relevant skills standards and competencies identified
  • ensure compliance with the latest statutory requirements in both the Employment Act and tripartite guidelines
  • build a good impression and reputation as a fair recruiter
How can EON help you achieve the results?

At EON, we will walk you through on how to identify skills standards and competencies that are vital to key positions, so that you will be able to know what to assess a candidate for.

In line with the government’s emphasis on fair employment practices, we will also be introducing some interview guidelines to help you ensure that your recruitment & selection process is fair and without biases. You will be equipped with crucial skills and customised administrative tools that enable you to have a more effective and efficient recruitment and selection process.

The process of developing an effective recruitment & selection system may include:

  • Audit current recruitment & selection process
  • Develop job descriptions with the key competencies identified
  • Review and develop employment contracts in line with employment regulations
  • Introduce competency-based interview techniques
  • Adopt Skills Framework in the development of relevant skills standards
  • Develop clear selection criteria that are aligned with corporate values and core skills
  • Design employee referral process
  • Develop onboarding toolkit
  • Review / write a recruitment & selection policy
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