E-Learning Course Suite

Picking up essential skills anytime, anywhere


E-learning is a great solution in providing convenience and flexibility to learning in your company. Your employees can have access to e-learning courses almost anywhere at any time, learning at their own pace without disrupting your company’s operations. Furthermore, e-learning provides an effective avenue for your employee to pick up the necessary job skills and knowledge, just in time before doing a new task, without needing much to consult others.

EON recognises the cost-effectiveness and benefits of such solution.  In collaboration with our partner who specialises in producing humor-based corporate training video, we are pleased to offer our e-learning suite on management-related courses.


Based on the principles of bite-sized learning, each e-learning course consists of about two to three professionally-produced award-winning management videos and delivers about three to four short learning points and objectives over about 30 minutes.

To maximise learning effectiveness, a “Look”, “Think”, “Practise” and “Remember” learning approach was adopted for the e-learning courses. In addition, the compact nature of our courses is very-well suited for providing practical management tips on-demand and just-in time performance support for the learners.


Our e-learning course suite covers a total of 34 must-have skills for managing people including:

Being a leader
Making decisions
Valuing the individual
Valuing the team
Valuing their job

Dealing with absenteeism
Reasons for absenteeism
Recognising absenteeism
Solutions to absenteeism

Difficult conversations
Bad news meeting, limit the damage
Bad news meeting, listening
Preparing to give bad news
Reasons behind discipline issues

Motivating your team
Motivating through feedback
Motivating through information
Motivating through praise
Learning through practise

Probing in interviews
Beyond the review meeting

Praise & criticism
Giving criticism

Active listening
A counselling meeting
Setting the scene for counselling

Developing your team
Coaching goals
Coaching tips
Preparing to coach
Setting SMART targets

Managing discipline
Discipline – check the facts
Managing problem behaviour
Solutions to discipline issues

One-to-one training
Training bit by bit
Training with context
Listening to the candidate

Performance reviews
Making a performance diagnosis
Preparing for a review
Sharing praise