Helping your new employees to settle in

Onboarding is a crucial time to settle new employees into the company and into the job, and is also the first point of employee engagement. When new employees join, they would want to know how they can fit in the corporate culture and in their job. Companies need to be able to communicate the corporate vision, mission, core values, employment guidelines and job responsibilities clearly to align expectations and understanding.

How can your organisation benefit from implementing an onboarding exercise?

Onboarding can help companies to: 

  • clarify roles and responsibilities in the onboarding process
  • create common understanding of job expectations and outcomes
  • provide platforms to engage in discussion with the new employee to ensure that he is able to settle into the new work environment well

With onboarding, companies can have a structured orientation program that will help employees get a good grasp of their job responsibilities, how they help to fulfil the company’s objectives and in turn retain them.

How can EON help you achieve the results?
  • Develop an onboarding checklist
    – Lists actions and items to brief employee
    – Roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders involved in the onboarding process
  • Initiate goal setting
    – Facilitate supervisors to set SMART goals that their employees should achieve during probation
  • Develop the confirmation assessment
    – Criteria to assess employee’s suitability for confirmation

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