HR News Roundup – 29 Nov 2019

Hiring, promoting fairly can reduce locals’ anxieties: Josephine Teo More help for PMETs, businesses in manufacturing Income growth slows in Singapore; median salary now above S$4,500: MOM report 8 fatal workplace accidents in November, MOM to step up checks Commentary: Here’s how to remove the roadblocks to flexible working arrangements News Sources: The Straits Times, […]

HR News Roundup – 25 July 2019

Year-long assistance programme launched to help companies keep workers safe and healthy New career pathway being established to help aspiring engineers About 60,000 job vacancies waiting to be filled, with about half for PMETs: Josephine Teo New reskilling initiatives to help PMETs in air transport sector What Singapore’s slowing GDP growth means for the jobs […]

HR News Roundup – 28 June 2019

Bulk of retrenched residents in Q1 are PMETs Tapping VR to train construction workers on safety Retrenchments rise, vacancies fall as job market turns soft Commentary: Suspensions and lapses in SkillsFuture courses – let market forces regulate training programmes News sources: The Straits Times, Channel NewsAsia Photo by Dhruv Deshmukh on Unsplash

HR News Roundup – 22 Mar 2019

More job vacancies for PMETs last year; employers increasingly looking beyond academic results: MOM More than 90,000 employers to receive over S$600 million in wage credit payouts 9 in 10 CHROs fail to build future-ready workforce Commentary: Becoming future-ready, inside the quiet revolution of Singapore’s legal sector News sources: The Straits Times, TODAY, HRD Asia, […]