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HR News Roundup – 9 Aug 2019

SMRT workers to be trained in digital skills Singapore’s new move to tackle talent crunch technology Fuji Xerox: Enabling and empowering people Commentary: Sometimes, a

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HR News Roundup – 2 Aug 2019

Bakers get support for equipment, skills training 2,600 firms adopt good employment standards in workplace Workplace fatalities fall to lowest since 2006 Commentary: The hidden

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HR News Roundup – 14 June 2019

Foreign workers generally satisfied with working conditions in Singapore: MOM survey Singapore 2018 healthcare cost inflation hits 10%, 10 times the economic inflation rate: Mercer

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HR News Roundup – 7 June 2019

Employers should offer structured training, firms with productivity gains urged to give one-off bonus: National Wages Council Businesses must invest in innovation, workers and community

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