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HR News Roundup – 4 Oct 2019

Major change to Employment Act will see more PMEs covered Automated waste system will remain ‘affordable’, cleaners to get mandatory annual bonus Workplace health initiatives

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HR News Roundup – 13 Sep 2018

‘Hundreds of jobs’ available at Facebook’s S$1.4 billion facility in Singapore slated to open in 2022 Scheme to spur healthier office lifestyles SIT fresh graduates

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HR News Roundup – 7 Sep 2018

Wealth managers in Singapore, Hong Kong getting ‘crazy’ pay hikes to jump to rivals Data scientists, cyber-security specialists among top emerging jobs in S’pore: LinkedIn

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HR News Roundup – 31 August 2018

Singapore online hiring outlook ‘extremely positive’; demand strongest from finance and insurance: Report Financial practitioners need to be more aware of training opportunities in sector:

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