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Even as the economy has moved from Covid pandemic to endemic state, businesses have to think about how to continue to stay relevant and rise up to the challenges for a new paradigm shift in workforce engagement and expectations. With “The Great Resignation” hitting the world, Singapore may also be starting to see impending signs of this in 2022 as featured by The Straits Time and CNA in Jan 2022 (https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/jobs/what-you-need-to-know-about-jobs-resignations-and-salaries-in-singapore, https://www.channelnewsasia.com/commentary/great-resignation-wave-quit-find-job-employer-boss-pay-mental-health-2386761).

The Straits Time article published on 17 May 2022 (https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/jobs/nearly-1-in-3-workers-in-spore-plan-to-change-employers-in-first-half-of-2022-survey) also reported that through the survey done by recruitment company Randstad, 31 per cent of the respondents, when asked in January this year if they plan to change jobs within the next six months, they said they would. This marked a three-percentage point increase from the same period in 2021.  It found that the top 3 drivers motivating them to switch employers are work-life balance, salary and benefits, as well as pleasant work atmosphere.

This also brought to attention the importance of management in the company to continually be aware of the sentiments on the ground.  Employee engagement is one of the most important indicators in gauging work satisfaction and happiness (https://firstup.io/blog/employee-engagement-key-to-company-success/) and retaining talent.  It is the emotional commitment an employee has for the organisation. Engaged employees are likely to be more willing to put in discretionary effort in their work to help achieve organisational goals.  They are more likely to:

  • Be willing to ‘go the extra mile’
  • Be productive at work
  • Stay motivated and be committed to improve organisation’s performance
  • Display loyalty and stay with the organisation for the long-term
  • Be an active advocate of your organisation

For this, company can conduct employee engagement survey to better understand what makes employees tick. EON’s Employee Engagement Framework can not only help management understand what matters most to employees but also identify employee engagement priorities.  More importantly, it can help draw meaningful and actionable insights to increase engagement levels.

EON’s Employee Engagement Framework aims to:

  • Determine the overall engagement level of your employees
  • Understand what matters most to your employees
  • Identify stronger engagement drivers which can be enhanced further as your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Identify weaker engagement drivers which are important to the employees
  • Prioritise and develop an action plan on the possible engagement strategies and interventions

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